IPE offers the best name-brand construction and mining equipment on the market. Our inventory is filled with vehicles, tools, and heavy machinery that will make any project seamless and efficient.



Moving heavy minerals and objects requires a strong bulldozer that many aggregate companies don’t offer. Rest assured that we do, and we’ll be more than happy to hear your needs to make the right suggestion when choosing one.

Compaction Equipment


Your project needs a compactor that will make your next foundation or slab as strong and reliable as possible. Ask us about the many different types of compaction equipment we have for your next construction project.



When digging a foundation, trench, or other holes, an excavator is a must. Ours are perfect for construction as well as forestry clearing, mining, and even landscaping.

Loaders - Backhoes


When it comes to excavating, digging deep holes, breaking asphalt and concrete, landscaping, and more, our solid loaders and backhoes will streamline your construction efforts.

Motor Graders


Almost all construction projects will require motor graders to flatten surfaces. The ones we have in our inventory are easy to use and are proven to create the conditions needed in your construction project.

Off-Road Trucks


If your construction project is located in an area that conventional vehicles simply can’t reach or will have trouble reaching, then our inventory of off-road trucks will keep you on schedule for completion.

Skid Steer


If your next construction project requires a heavy-duty vehicle that can fit various needs, then our skid steers will do the job. Find out about the options in our inventory and we’ll help you decide which one will make your work easier and more efficient.

Wheel Loaders


Wheel loaders are a necessity when it comes to any construction project. When moving asphalt, heavy rocks, sand, raw materials, demolition debris, and more, you’ll need a trusted wheel loader. Ask us about the ones we have in our inventory.


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